“You understand the mollusc by the shell, and the man by his house”, said Victor Hugo. What you cannot tell from the shell, however, is the quality of the shellfish inside. You just have to trust the experience and hard work of those who every day meticulously monitor the delicious produce the sea gives us.

Cirdu shellfish start life on the beds of the Cirdu lagoon, roughly twenty hectares of unspoiled natural habitat, not far from Calasetta. As far back as Phoenician times this was an important fishing area and today is the first stage in the short Cirdu production chain. The lagoon has been defined as a class A area by the local Department of Agriculture for its production of mussels, oysters and clams. Our premises are located in a natural setting, which reflects our respect for the environment and our passion for the timeless culinary traditions of Sardinia.
Colours, aromas and good food. The whole Cirdu process is a guarantee of quality and testimony to our love for the sea.